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How to Find Out What Your Home is Worth in 2018: Real Estate Broker Opinion on Your Home Value

Are you interested in finding out what your home is worth in today’s California real estate market? There are so many online tools to give you estimates, however they don’t necessarily reflect the exact value you would receive when selling. It’s best to talk to a real estate professional who can tell you exactly what is selling right now, and in the last 90 days in your area.

You should meet with a real estate broker and even a couple of realtors to find out a more realistic selling price, as they are currently working on active transactions in the market and could tell you what is happening.

The real estate professional will be able to pull recent “comps”, comparable sales, for homes located in the same area, same size, etc. that have sold in the last 90 days. They can also tell you if there was a bidding war with multiple offers.

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“If you are within 3 years of selling your home, you will want to keep tabs on the value and the real estate market in hopes that you can sell at an opportunistic time,” says Jose V. Sanchez, financial advisor and contributor to

It all depends what your goals are. If you have the time and getting top dollar for your home is your goal, you can price it high and sit on it for a while to see if anyone will make an offer. You can always take it off the market if it doesn’t get an offer, and try again at a later time.

If you are needing to sell fast, of course you still want to get the highest price possible without the risk of it sitting on the market for too long. If a property sits on the market for 30 days or more, it often gets stigmatized by buyers- thinking “What might be wrong with this property?”

To find out what your home is worth in the current market, get a FREE Valuation of your home by filling out our form with your property information. You will receive an email with your estimate within 24-48 hours.